Modern Digital Training Solutions Must Meet Employees Where They Are

Modern Digital Training Solutions Must Meet Employees Where They Are

By Sagexinc March 15, 2023 4:39 am

Let’s face it, we live in a mobile, need-it-now culture and we are all drowning in data and distractions. As technology continues to advance and the way we consume and interact with digital content evolves, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to ensure that the digital training experiences they provide for their employees align with the experiences those employees have when they consume digital content outside of the workplace. Employees spend countless hours scrolling through images slick apps like Tik-Tok and Instagram, watching content on Netflix and HBO Max and playing on gaming platforms like Roblox. We can’t expect employees to erase their informal learning preferences and alter ingrained digital behaviors once they step into the workplace. Today’s solutions need to meet learners where they are instead of expecting them to embrace training solutions that fail to make the grade.

One of the key ways to meet learners where they are is by providing training that is easily accessible and available on-demand. Today's employees are used to being able to access information and content whenever and wherever they want, and they expect the same level of flexibility and convenience from their work-related training and performance support solutions. By leveraging digital platforms and tools that allow for on-demand access to training, companies can ensure that their employees learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, in the flow of work. Stepping away from work to learn is becoming an artifact of the past. Learning should not mean time away from doing work.

Another important aspect of aligning digital training experiences with personal ones is by providing training that is engaging, interactive, and personalized. With the rise of social media and mobile apps, employees are accustomed to consuming content that is fast-paced, visually appealing and interactive. Today’s learners seek instant gratification and quick fixes in the format of rapid bursts of rich digital content that is inspiring, entertaining, readily applicable and memorable.

By incorporating these elements into digital training, companies can help keep employees engaged and motivated to learn. Personalization is also important, as it allows employees to focus on the areas of development that are most relevant to the specific challenges they face in their jobs.

In addition, companies should also consider the use of gamification in their digital training experiences. Gamification, which involves incorporating elements of game design into non-game contexts, can make training more engaging and fun for employees, while also helping to increase retention of information.

Finally, companies should focus on providing digital training that is mobile-friendly. With more and more employees using smartphones and tablets to access the internet and consume digital content, training and development content needs to be optimized for mobile devices and that means mobile-first, not mobile-enabled. This will ensure that employees can access training on-the-go, in the palm of their hand, and make the most of their precious time.

Companies that want to provide effective digital training and performance support experiences for their employees need to match or even exceed the experiences that employees have in their personal lives with digital content. By providing training that is easily accessible, engaging, interactive, personalized, mobile-friendly, and gamified, companies can help ensure that their employees are well-equipped to meet the challenges of today's workplace.

SageX meets modern learners where they are by leaning into their established digital behaviors and preferences.

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